vi-typing F huyền (Falling) S sắc (sắc) R hỏi (Rolling?) X ngã (! glottal stop) J nạng (J.. jkl) s = sắc (eg. os → ó) f = huyền (eg. of → ò) j = nặng (eg. oj → ọ) r = hỏi (eg. or → ỏ) x = ngã (ox → õ) mũ – […]


+ syllable (initial + vowel + final) + tone + flashcards? Vietnamese uses tones, although it is not considered a “pure” tonal language.


cognados -ent -ant becomes -ente -ante diferente importante -ary becomes -ario necesario -ence -ence becomes -encia -ancia diferencia preferencia -tion becomes -ción condición posición situación reservación -ical becomes -ico politico SPECIAL = ESPECIAL Words beginning sp-, st- or sc- in English usually start esp-, est- or esc- in Spanish, ‘student’ estudiante; ‘school’ escuela. ENGLISH WORDS […]


Conjugations are sexy. The word “conjugation” shares the same latin origin as “conjugal” (as in “conjugal visit”), which in turn was a loan word from ancient Greek, meaning “to join” (or “to yoke”) together. You can learn conjugations via conjugation tables, and in fact conjugation tables are an excellent resource for looking up specific verb […]


a poem by 宋尚緯 你願意和我說些話嗎 (are you willing to speak with me?) 說些溫柔的話 (speak warm and gentle words) 讓我忘記死亡 (Let me forget about death) 忘記⽇常的鬼魅 (Forget the ghosts of everyday life) 在我身邊遊蕩 (Waiting beside my body) 看⾒躺下的樣⼦像字 (Lying down like a written word) 逐漸變⼩,才想起 (Slowly shrinking, it comes to me) 問你是否願意 (To ask you if […]

Tiếng Việt

My goal is to read and write in Vietnamese, and converse well enough to have a conversation with a native speaker. Những Việc Cần Làm + memrise? + Khuyến Nghịm These are approaches that I have found the most useful, and would recommend to anyone learning Vietnamese. 1. Study for 1100 hours. According to […]


tbd 做清單 + Three Character Classic, 1000 Character Classic 王旅星 (wang2 lv3 xing1) 龍旅星 (long2 lv3 xing1) 萬旅星 (wan4 lv3 xing1) 旅 travel (lv3) 星 star (xing1) 書法 + 練習書法: 待辦 Dài bàn (upcoming) 事項 shìxiàng (items) 列表 lièbiǎo (list) + … 做清單 Zuò qīngdān + … 藝術 Yìshù (art) + … 鍛煉習慣 Duànliàn xíguàn […]