vi-typing F huyền (Falling) S sắc (sắc) R hỏi (Rolling?) X ngã (! glottal stop) J nạng (J.. jkl) s = sắc (eg. os → ó) f = huyền (eg. of → ò) j = nặng (eg. oj → ọ) r = hỏi (eg. or → ỏ) x = ngã (ox → õ) mũ – […]


+ syllable (initial + vowel + final) + tone + flashcards? Vietnamese uses tones, although it is not considered a “pure” tonal language.

Tiếng Việt

My goal is to read and write in Vietnamese, and converse well enough to have a conversation with a native speaker. Những Việc Cần Làm + memrise? + Khuyến Nghịm These are approaches that I have found the most useful, and would recommend to anyone learning Vietnamese. 1. Study for 1100 hours. According to […]