Tiếng Việt

My goal is to read and write in Vietnamese, and converse well enough to have a conversation with a native speaker.

Những Việc Cần Làm

+ memrise?
+ https://123vietnamese.com/lesson-1-hello/

Khuyến Nghịm

These are approaches that I have found the most useful, and would recommend to anyone learning Vietnamese.

1. Study for 1100 hours.
According to research, you’ll do well after 1100 hours of immersive study in Vietnamese.

2. Learn pronunciation and writing first.
Fortunately, modern Vietnamese uses a completely phonetic writing system, using the latin alphabet with diacritics. This means that you’ll be able to read out loud before you even know what you’re saying. You can learn to write and type easily, although the phonemes and tones will take a lot practice.